MyPetFat Promotes Dieting With Fat Sack

In one of the odder diet-of-the-moment programs, MyPetFat approaches the promotion of weight loss a bit differently than other programs. It grosses you out into losing weight by giving you a sack of fat to carry around with you reminding you of how disgusting fat can be. Rather than try the fad-of-the-week diets, all you need now is your sack of fat from MyPetFat along with the programs helpful and motivational advice.

With the mantra, "fat, it's all in your head," MyPetFat founder Jay Jacobs set out upon a personal mission to lose weight and in doing so, developed this so called dieting aid. Who knows the psychologyy behind it, whether it works or whether it's a joke. But, it sure would make a great surprise stocking stuffer for next year.

MyPetFat is sold in three sizes from one once to five pounds so you can determine how much you want to be disgusted into losing weight.

by Steve Hall    Jan-13-04   Click to Comment   

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