PETA Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Anti-Rodeo Ad Makes Return

Back in July, Lamar Outdoor declined to run an anti-rodeo billboard campaign featuring former "Baywatch" babe and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Bonnie-Jill Laflin. The board featured Laflin in the stereotypical country-girl-laying-on-a-pile-of-hay pose with the headline, "Nobody Likes and Eight Second Ride."

Seems PETA had its eight second ride, was left unsatisfied and is demanding completion. The anti-everything group will run the ad in the "Fort Worth Weekly" for the next three weeks, coinciding with the Fort Worth Southwest Exposition and Livestock Show, which includes a rodeo. So those of you who missed Laflin's roll in the hay and want to witness PETA's "completion," will have a chance to see it again albeit in low quality newsprint. Better yet, see Laflin in full sized, four color glory right here.

by Steve Hall    Jan-18-04   Click to Comment   

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what are you on? peta might be doing it in a controversial way, but they, along with other animal welfare organisations, just want to stop the abuse of animals by cowards.

Posted by: dude on March 8, 2006 3:22 PM