adidas Launches Global Brand Campaign

With the tagline, "Impossible is Nothing" and featuring 22 athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Kevin Garnett, Tracy McGrady and David Beckham, adidas is launching a year-long global advertising campaign. The campaign will center on television but roll out across other media. Work is done by 180\TBWA.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-04    

Apple Gets Porn Spoof Treatment

In this version of the ever increasing number of Apple commerical spoofs, a guy explains why having a computer is so much better than magazines for the masturbatory process.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-04    

InterMall Media to Accost Shoppers at Malls

Shopping in a mall is certainly not a quiet experience but it may become an even less quiet experience after InterMall Media hits consumers over the head with their new widescreen advertising monitors. The monitors will be located in high traffic areas and advertisers can buy 15, 20 or 30 second spots. The prices are cheap too - only $650-$1,300 per mall per month. For advertisers, there's some great location based targeting opportunities here. For consumers, wearing earplugs and blindfolds may become standard mall-wear.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-04    

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