Lamb Hoof Used in Ad Agency Promotional Mailing Receives Mixed Results

�sk W�ppling of Adland recounts the story of a Swedish ad agency, Cole, Russel & Pryce, who dreamt up the idea to send a real lambs foot to its clients and prospects promoting the agency and its new website. The campaign consisted of two emails and a physical mailing. The first email, showing a picture of a cute lamb, asked recipients to visit the agency's website "for the sake of the lamb." The second email showed the lamb with one of its front hoofs cut off. Immediately following the second email, clients and prospect received a same day physical mailing containing a real lamb's foot.

While the campaign certainly drew attention to the agency, it didn't go over so well with big client, Vodaphone, who said the "campaign showed incredibly bad judgment" causing the agency to fire founder and Creative Director Olle Sj�d�n. Oops.

Visit Adland to see a picture of the poor, butchered lamb.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-04    

Harvard Hotties to Go Nude in New 'H-Bomb' Magazine

It's official. Nudity and porn are no longer something to be scared of or shoved under your pillow when Mom/Wife/Girlfriend walks in the bedroom. If Harvard University, the bastion of conservative higher education, can publish a nudie magazine, well then, it must be acceptable for the rest of the country.

It's true. Harvard University Committee on College Life has blessed the publication of a campus magazine called "H-Bomb" which will feature undergraduate women in nude layouts. Oh sure, there will be articles and stuff but we all know why the magazine will be bought.

Bringing attention to First Amendment rights, publishers Katherina Baldegg, and Camilla Hardy said, "It will provide comfortable, relaxed discussion that doesn't hold back and puts a lighter spin on something that shouldn't be a restricted or delicate topic at Harvard."

So what happens, as a Harvard student, when you go to class and there you are sitting next to the model you just "enjoyed" last night in the magazine? What do you say? How do you act? Will it be awkward? I need to know. Harvard student, please let me know.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-04    

'Survivor' Contestant Leaves Tonight Due to Mother's Death (No Spoiler)

Jeff Probst has been quoted as saying the Internet will be the death of shows like "Survivor" because secrets will be leaked killing suspense, the major reason these shows are watched. A while back, the two finalists of "Survivor All Stars" was leaked and reported on Andy Dehnart's realityblurred weblog. I read about it and quickly forgot the names. Don't follow that link if you don't want to know. Today, as I drove into work, a local Boston DJ apparently had the same info and read off the order in which contestants would be booted off the show.

I, as a fan of the show, quickly turned the radio down because I didn't want to know the information. That information is the entire reason behind the success of the show. If you know who wins, why watch? Unfortunately, I did not turn the radio down before I heard who will be leaving the show tonight and why. Don't worry, I'm not reporting it here. When I turned the radio back up, I also heard one of the names of the two finalists. I'm not reporting that here either. If you really want to know, I've put the names on a separate page here if you really must know.

Secrets have always been leaked about many things but when the entire premise of a show rests on not knowing the outcome, the decision as to whether to reveal who the show goes is a tough one. And, if you are a fan of the show or any other reality show, do you really want to know who wins? It's a dilemma and one that is only going to get worse as more and more secrets are leaked.

UPDATE: Thursday 8:54 PM EST - Jenna M. left. And it was sad. Her Mom died eight days later from cancer.

by Steve Hall    Feb-12-04    

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