It's Time For Wendy to Come Forward

Wendy, Where Are You?

In an effort to recoup brand equity two years after the death of spokesman and founder, Dave Thomas, Wendy's is launching a new character, dubbed "Mr. Wendy" to be the face of the brand. Mr. Wendy is presented as an emphatic fan, who's enthusiasm for the fast-food chain's grub has lead him to embark on a self-appointed public crusade to spread the news nationwide.

For thirty years we've been hearing about Wendy, but Wendy never shows. Wendy Wendy Wendy. Who the heck is she? And if the company is so hardpressed for a new spokesperson, wouldn't she seem like the most obvious choice?

Ad Age reports that Don Calhoon, executive vice president for marketing at Wendy's, said the new brand spokesman is "a sort of new but unconventional champion" who "doesn't follow the 'rules' of a spokesperson." But, he said, "we could certainly never replace Dave or would try to. Dave was the official spokesperson and the founder of our company. He stood for all that Wendy's was about. Mr. Wendy couldn't be further from that if he tried."

One can only imagine what has become of Wendy and why, after all this time and the death of her father, she remains absent from the advertising. It can't be good.

Posted by Adrants Contributor Alison Kosakowski of Powell.

by Steve Hall    Feb-20-04   Click to Comment   

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