Grampa Dances For Six Flags

In one of the more fun and humorous uses of "seniors" in advertising is this spot for Six Flags Over Texas. Grampa shuffles out of the buss then breaks into some 80's (or early 90's) dance jam to convince bored suburbanites to jump on the Six Flags bus for a good time. (To view spot, go to the "TV Spots of the Week" link below.)

Other spots featured in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week are a greasemonky who does laundry for hi buddy using Daz detergent, a name dropping spot for US Weekly, a not very exciting KFC commercial (btw, just what are they called now? Kitchen Fresh Chicken? KFC? Or just good 'ol Kentucky Fried Chicken? These guys have brand issues), a Clorox commercial using the very over-used 360 cam pan first used (by an advertiser) long ago by the GAP, an E-Trade spot promoting their Mortgage services when you absolutely have to get out of your neighborhood immediately, a cute "where do babies come from?" spot for St. Vincent's Maternity Service and Bayer (the aspirin people) promoting their (who woulda thunk) termite control products.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 1-04   Click to Comment   

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