Rumsfeld Caught With Pants Down

Donald Rumsfeld has been made to look pretty stupid in this ad by MoveOn asking for censure of President Bush. In the spot, Rumsfeld denies ever having said Iraq was an immediate threat only to have a citation read back to him saying almost exactly that. He then squirms, searches for words and looks buffoonish.

Granted, he may wish he had never said that but why can't politicians just admit what they have said, explain why they said it and move on. Trying to gloss over or cover these things up just makes politicians look like idiots. I don't know much about Kerry (other than having sat near him on a plane to NYC a couple years ago) but based on all the bad press Bush is getting combined with Howard Stern's bashing of him, Kerry looks like a lock come November. [via]

by Steve Hall    Mar-18-04   Click to Comment   

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