Virgin Mobile Promotes 'Phone Accident'

Seeded and tracked by DMC, Virgin Mobile's campaign spoof ad, called 'Scorching Girls', was created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R. In the ad, an unexpected victim is gaffer-taped to a car in a scrapyard. At a nod from a tough-looking East End gangster, the victim (a mobile phone) is then torched by bikini-clad, flame-throwing henchwomen. The spoof wryly notes that viewers may want their own mobile phones to have a similar 'little accident' in order to take advantage of Virgin Mobile's hot offers. A microsite offers the ad for download and enables visitors to find out more about Virgin Mobile�s latest deals.

Perhaps it's British humor or perhaps it's really an effort by Virgin mobile to convince cell phone users to destroy their phones and buy a new one from Virgin. Or maybe, it's just a funny commercial spoofing British East End gangster flicks. Watch. You decide.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 1-04   Click to Comment   

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