Adrants Goes to AD:Tech in San Francisco

From May 24 to May 26, Adrants will be in San Francisco covering AD:Tech, a new media and online marketing trade show, for both this website and for MarketingVOX. News will be provided in near real-time as a team of webloggers will be sitting in each of the sessions at the trade show. For the kind of coverage you can expect, look at the AD:Tech Blog from the November show in New York City.

Since Adrants is a shoe string operation and San Francisco hotels aren't cheap, a proposal is offered. For any interested company that pays Adrants' hotel bill, that company will receive free advertising and gracious promotion on this site and/or in the Adrants Daily newsletter equal to amount of the bill (or parts of if multiple companies step forward).

So there's the offer. It's either a brilliant win/win or it's just another website begging for money. You decide. If interested, send an email to steve AT adrants DOT com. Much appreciation.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-04    

Man In Chevrolet Dealer Car Shoots Ford Dealer Blimp

As a remote controlled blimp advertising Salisbury North Carolina-based Cloninger Ford-Toyota floated in a field above competing Team Chevrolet-Cadillac-Geo, a man got out of a black Chevrolet truck with Team Chevrolet plates, pulled out a shotgun and fired at the blimp. He then got back into the truck and left. Salisbury police do not yet know the identity of the man.

It's one thing for Claria to lay an ad on top of another with their nasty pop ups but it's an entirely different thing to take a shotgun to a blimp ad. Funny, though. But not so much if you've worked with car dealers before.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-04    

The Weather Channel Introduces Addressable Advertising

During its upfront ad sales presentation in New York Tuesday, The Weather Channel announced the implementation of what it calls addressable advertising. The cable channel will offer advertisers the ability to slot different creative at the same time based on geography, time zone or the weather. While this is a nice first step, its really just taking advantage of existing local cable technology that allows for zoned placement of advertising. A true step towards addressable advertising would be targeting a home, neighborhood or town based on a demographic profile suplied to the cable company by the subscriber.

by Steve Hall    Apr-21-04    

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