Giuliani Featured in New Spike TV Men's Health Campaign

Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani will be the spokesman in a new ad campaign sponsored by Spike TV that will focus on men's health issues. In the ads that will run nationally, Giuliani tells men to get over the "macho thing" and take care of themselves. Toss that stoic attitude aside and go see your doctor for regular check ups and don't ignore that pain in your groin.

Giuliani went through a bout of prostate cancer himself and wants men to take the necessary precautions to fend off the disease as soon as possible. The campaign, whose goal is to get 100,000 men to get a physical, will air on Spike TV, MTV, VH1, CMT, Nickelodeon, Nick@Nite and TV Land.

by Steve Hall    Apr-13-04   Click to Comment   

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