Opinions On School Advertising Divided

A recent survey on the hot topic of in-school advertising show opinions are sharply divided. While half say schools should be ad-free and half say it's OK, the study, by Harris Interactive/Kid Power Poll of Youth Marketers, found 64 percent think targeting kids in schools is "not very" or not at all" important yet 74 percent say in-school advertising is bound to increase.

It's the cash-strapped position of many schools that's the driving force behind schools considering the acceptance of advertising. School districts are being forced to reckon with faltering budgets and allowing the partiality of advertising in the door is one, albeit questionable, method of budget survival.

Opinions on the kinds of in-school adverting vary. For example, 84 percent believe sponsorship of sporting events is OK, 73 percent say school newspaper advertising is OK, 65 percent say corporate logos on school sports teams is OK. On the other hand, 69 percent say school bus advertising is not OK, 65 percent say text book cover advertising is not OK, 61 percent say lesson plan product integration is not OK and 54 percent say advertising in school event publications is not OK.

The debate over in-school advertising boils down to, like anything, whether it's done right or not. The ability of advertisers to "save" failing school curriculums with sponsorships is a positive but the execution of that sponsorship is the critical piece. The messaging has to be chosen and vetted very carefully.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-04   Click to Comment   

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