Outdoor Goes Digital

In one of the more brilliant comments about a segment of the media industry, Clear Channel Outdoor Chief Executive Officer Paul Meyer had this to say about the future prospects of outdoor advertising, "Until we're all flying around with backpacks, our business is going to be there."

Clear Channel is taking action following years of futuristic blather from the outdoor industry and has hired digital media guru and former AdSpace Networks President and CEO Michael Hudes to put all that blather into action. Hudes has been charged with placing existing technology into existing Clear Channel holdings, explore new technologies and determine appropriateness for Clear Channel and create partnerships with technology vendors who can help shift Clear Channels static signage to more efficient digital formats.

Much of the technology to create an advertising world similar to that seen in the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report exists today but implementing it is a long and costly venture. Clear Channel hopes Hudes is the man to make it happen.

by Steve Hall    Apr-16-04   Click to Comment   

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