NBC's '10.5' Sucks So Bad 20 Million Watch

So bad it's hilarious. NBC's "10.5" is without doubt the worst television movie ever made. Horrible writing. Cheesy acting. Terrible camera work. Cheap effects. Yet, 20 million Americans watched it. Did I mention terrible camera work? Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom in. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out. Zoom out.

"God Help Us Now."

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Bauer Jumps Into Celebu-Publishing

In Touch Weekly publisher Bauer Publishing has announced the November launch of its "Life & Style Weekly" celebrty lifestyle magazine. The magazine will join the already crowded category which includes Time Inc.'s People, American Media's Star, Wenner Media's Us Weekly and Bauer's own In Touch.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Advertising's Bitch Fight Returns

Writing in his Ad Age column, Rance Crain writes about the newfound feistiness of ad agency executives as they crawl out of their recession shells. Seems every ad execs has something to crap about these days from incoming AAAA's Chairman Ron Berger complaining about ad exec television appearances a la Donny Deutsch on "The Apprentice" to Berger's claim a recent Yanklovich study stating people hate advertising really means they hate telemarketing and spam and not the finely crafted product of Madison Avenue to Havas' Kevin Roberts dissing his boss Maurice Levy for over use of blather-speak such as "holistic marketing" and "touch points."

As Crain says, just as the advertising economy returns, so has industry bitching and pontification. It's not all bad, though. At least those multi-million dollar executive bonuses granted while agency earnings tanked now seem almost warranted.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Breasts Promote KFC Chicken Breasts

Alright, so KFC is really promoting their bucket of wings and there are no breasts in this ad campaign unless you count the ones under the t shirt in this ad. The franchise will launch its "Chicken Capital USA" campaign next week which will feature people expressing their love for chicken through t shirt slogans, bumper stickers and license plates along with a Trace Adkins country jingle.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

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The 'Backwards Birth' Job Application

Art Director Fernando Bernus wants to work at U.K. based ad agency Mother. This video shows just how much he wants to get an inside track. Via Adland.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Parody Social Network Site "Who Banged Who?" Launches

It's been said that when you have sex with someone, you are having sex with every person that person had sex with. What better genisis for yet another social network site. This one's called "Who Banged Who?" and is really just a sneaky front door to event planning site WhizSpark and Worcester, MA nightlife site WormTownNightlife. Who knew there actually was a nightlife in Woosta?

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Prime Time Shifts Later For Young Men

The disappearing men 18-34 audience may have been found again. A while back, networks were fretting over the sudden plunges in ratings among young men. Some follow up studies showed a shift to the Internet as one cause but a new study from Knowledge Networks/SRI "How People Use TV" claims the men are still watching TV but just watching during late night. In fact, most watch between the hours of 10PM and 1AM.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Automakers Are 'Mad As Hell And Not Gonna Take It Any More'

Bullied long enough by networks hoisting double digit ad rate increases on top of declining viewership, automakers are drawing a line in the sand and moving dollars to cable, online and outdoor. Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Kia are all considering other methods of allocating their advertising budgets. GM, while pontificating about its plans to increase use of non-traditional media, will not back too far away from its use of broadcast television.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

America Loves Ads With Stupid Men

The trend of portraying men as clueless idiots has been going on for quite some time now. One supposes it's a reaction to all those years of portraying women as belittled housewives. Seems the trend is not dead yet as proved by this Domino's Pizza ad called "Home Improvement." In the spot, a woman in a home improvement store rings one of the many doorbell displays which causes men throughout the store to come running like salivating dogs believing it's the Domino's delivery guy at the door. Sad.

Other spots in this week's Ad Age TV Spots of the Week include Captain Picard assuring voice for Assurance Goodyear tires, a Samsung ad that compares hot technology to a hot chic, a goofy spot for Dymo labeling, a temptation monster for Kashi cereal, a Pizza Hut spot beating the Jessica Simpson "Chicken of the Sea" joke into the ground, a Ford Focus spot that tries to be street-hip and a bunch of people dressed as elephants singing in Spanish that in some way is apparently promoting the Ford Focus.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04    

Ad Age (Finally) Writes About Weblogs

In today's Ad Age, there is an article in Ad Age about weblogs and Advance.net's foray into local news coverage with their NJ.com blog network and how it may be an ad-supported venture. Strangely, the article is not online and linkable - one of the main features of weblogging. Steve Rubel comments. Advance.net President Jeff Jarvis comments and gets interviewed by gothamist.

by Steve Hall    May- 3-04