AD:TECH - Calm Before the Storm

Walking through the ornate lobby of The Palace Hotel, site of AD:TECH San Francisco and before the throngs of conference attendees descend Monday morning, there is an eerie calm. There are lonely placards on three different floors of the hotel's exhibit area ready to guide the onslaught of those eager to glean online marketing insight and bathe in the vibe generated by connecting to the forefront of this growing medium.

There is a meeting room full of conference planners buzzing about last minute organizational details. The press room is dark but ready for action for those who will spread word of this conference to the world. There are vast piles of registration materials ready to be handed out to eager attendees as they line up early in the morning. And the bar is filled with those already getting ahead start on one of the most important aspects of this event - networking.

by Steve Hall    May-23-04    

AARP Launches Viral Benefit Ad

The AARP has launched a viral ad that features two piggy banks talking about the social security plan and what we can all do to keep it solvent. It was created by Free Range Graphics, the folks who created the Meatrix spoof.

by Steve Hall    May-23-04    

Amazingly Hot Asian Chic Finds Apple Political Spoof Ads

After having been sidetracked by this blogger's pictures, we finally realized the reason we were at this site was to look at these interesting Apple ads that have been spoofed to look like Iraq-related spoof ads. Now don't you spend too much time looking at her pictures.

by Steve Hall    May-23-04    

Billboard Painter 'Six Feet Under'

In a brilliant promotion for a brilliant television show, HBO has erected a large billboard showing the unfortunate outcome of the poor billboard painter. This one is hanging on Beverly Boulevard.

by Steve Hall    May-23-04    

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European Nipple Voting Ad A No Go

An ad developed to promote the benefits of choice in European elections shows a newborn trying to decide which of its mother's nipples it will suck from. While a great concept it has proved too much for the increasingly politically correct British to take. British censors have banned the ad from appearing, as planned, in cinemas.

by Steve Hall    May-23-04    

Unique Method of Advertising For High Gas Prices

One gas station is "cutting through the clutter" in its advertising of gas prices. Rather than the usual posted prices for various grades of gas, this Mobil station in Georgia has listed its prices as "Arm," "Leg" and "1st Born." Gas station owner Dhiraj Dutta said, "We're the last link in the chain and we'?re losing money while gas companies and OPEC are getting rich. There's something wrong with this picture. It's a shame."

by Steve Hall    May-23-04