It's Official: Beckham Signs With Gillette for $10 Million

As reported back in August, soccer superstar David Beckham has inked a deal with Gillette for $10 million. The three year deal comes at a time when Gillette is watching competitor Schick gain market share with its new four blade razor product. Couple that with Beckham's well publicized recent affair with Rebecca Loos and the fact that he' not known well in the U.S. and Gillette ends up with a significant challenge.

Not to worry though. He's has been voted the "Sexiest Man on the Planet" in a worldwide consumer survey by condom maker Durex and we know sex sells. So Gillette will do just fine with this.

by Steve Hall    May-31-04    

Exposed Breasts on Billboard Covered by Wind and Clear Channel

One day, there was a massive display of neathage (the exposed bottom part of a woman's breasts commonly seen when a woman wears a very, very short top) on a Clear Channel billboard for the Palms on I-15 in Las Vegas. Then one day, the wind came and ripped away the neathage portion of the billboard causing some to believe conservative groups had vandalized the sexed-up board or that the Palms had changed it's ad policy in reaction to the Hard Rock getting fined for its sexed-up efforts. Then on yet another day, the board went back up and this time, the women's breasts were no longer hanging out the bottom of their tops. See the image to the right.

At first, the Palms claimed it was the hotel that decided to erect a more conservative version of the former board. But, unsurprisingly, it was conservative giant Clear Channel who laid down the edict - no exposed boobs on our boards. So even in the city whose sole purpose it is to entertain, titillate and stimulate, conservatism reigns supreme.

Larger version of the "exposed under-boob" billboard here.

by Steve Hall    May-31-04    

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