Mom's Want Advertisers to Leave Their Kids Alone

With angry baseball fans saying no to the "here today, gone tomorrow" "Super Man 2" Major League Baseball sponsorship and the recent formation of the Mother's Council, consumers are renewing their battle against advertising. After all, two makes a trend, right?

The Mother's Council seeks one on one, parent to parent meetings with top agency executives and industry groups to implore them to think twice before launching campaigns targeted to children. The group will not engage in uppity legal wranglings nor government regulatory issues but appeal to the moral fiber of industry execs. Oh wait, there's no moral fiber there - see this story.

Mother's Council sponsor and Director of the Motherhood Project at the Institute for American Values Director Enola Aird said, "We have no desire to demonize anybody. All we want is to engage the ad industry on its own terms. Though a valiant effort, Aird is in for quite a bit of double-speak and broken promises as industry executives placate the organization's wishes one day and bow to the power of the almighty dollar the next.

by Steve Hall    May- 7-04   Click to Comment   

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