Nike to Get Buzz From 'Art of Speed'

As previously reported, Gawker Publishing launched Gawker Media Contract Publishing. It's first venture is a weblog is for Nike called Art of Speed which will examine 15 short films made by Nike-commissioned filmmakers and artists. I had the good fortune to be interviewed for a story by Nat Ives of the New York Times on this.

Steve Hall, the publisher of Adrants, a blog about the ad industry, said Nike would benefit. "Is Nike going to see a massive increase in revenue and market share from this? No," he said. "Are they going to generate some good feelings and low-level buzz? Yes."

And that's exactly what weblogs are good at - creating a viral-like undertone of awareness that gets linked-fueled until everyone knows about it but before anyone knows everyone knows.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-04    

Boston Ad Agencies Hiring to Meet Business Demand

In a sign the Boston advertising drought might finally be coming to an end, Mullen, Arnold, Modernista, Boathouse and Foster Design are seeing business increase and are hiring to service that increase. Between Arnold and Mullen, there 75 job opening ranging in salary level from $20,000 to $100,000. I guess we know who Adrants will be calling this week.

Smaller shops Modernista and Boathouse are also on the hunt for new talent. Foster Founder Ed Foster says, it's "the best it's been in years because companies are now much more interested in having dialogues about new business." Arnold CEO Ed Eskandarian adds, "We're coming back because business and the economy are strong."

by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-04    

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