Adrants Named Best Individual Advertising Weblog

Adrants has been named best individual weblog on general marketing and advertising topics by industry publisher MarketingSherpa. The survey was conducted during the month of May with more than 800 MarketingSherpa readers examining and voting on 29 Blogs in six categories. In the individual advertising weblog category Adrants was up against well known weblogger Seth Godin among others.

Adrants was launched by Boston-based advertising professional Steve Hall in March 2002 as a means to maintain contact with the advertising industry during a period of personal unemployment. Reporting on the brilliance and idiocy of the media and advertising industry, Adrants has grown from a personal hobby to a small business with 2,000 newsletter subscribers and over 5,000 unique daily visitors bathing in subversive comment on the questionable, the absurd, the new and the noteworthy. It's popular appeal is likely the tangential topic matter not found in mainstream media coupled with an odd propensity to include a plethora of Maxim-like photographs any respectable advertising publication would surely deem salacious and un-newsworthy.

Upon winning this coveted awards, aspiring publisher Steve Hall plans to accelerate his grandiose plans for growing the Adrants empire potentially including hostile takeover bids for old media giants Ad Age and AdWeek or the launch of an ad agency that values something other than the tired :30 spot. But, today, in celebration of this honorable industry achievement, he'll just head over to the local hospital for a routine colonoscopy just to make sure the path is clear for more great Adrants content.

From his hospital bed, Mr. Hall said, "I'd like to give a big shout out to all of you who saw some redeeming quality, however small, in the oddness of what is Adrants. Much appreciation. You rock. Now quit wasting time reading this excuse for news and get back to work while I finish my colonoscopy and get back to ranting."

by Steve Hall    Jun- 7-04   Click to Comment   

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