Coors Twins Gone Askew

Coors is realizing that sex doesn't always sell. The brewer, which has featured Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski - otherwise known as the Coors Twins, may be pulling the plug on the long running "Rock On" beer babe hottie ad campaign. It's not like we didn't see this coming with sales figures in the head-just-barely-above-water stage and beer babe backlash.

So the campaign that started with Askew (Coors CMO Ron Askew) may end up askew. The brewer has launched an agency search with new work expected to debut this fall. Current ad agency FCB isn't talking.

"I'm very pleased with our current television work but I'm always looking for new insights to better communicate with our consumers and have challenged our agencies to raise the bar for the next round of creative," said Askew.

With all this backlash, it's very likely all we'll see during next year's Super Bowl are monks and nuns (without break-away wardrobes) cautiously and conservatively convincing us the celibate life is the way to go.

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-04   Click to Comment   

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