Gawker Media Launches Contract Weblog Publishing

In a unique weblog-for-hire enterprise, Gawker Media Publisher Nick Denton has launched Gawker Media Contract publications. Denton likens the division to other contracts publications groups such Conde Nast.

Denton says the new offering will provide marketers with weblog campaign conception, editorial talent and oversight, promotion from within Gawker Media websites, external promotion to other weblogs, creation of the weblog, syndication of the weblog and spotlight coverage of the campaign. The first contract weblog is for Nike and is called Art of Speed which will examine 15 short films made by Nike-commissioned filmmakers and artists.

Some weblog purists will call this a sellout. They will be wrong. It's just as much a sellout as a radio station carrying advertising or a sports arena renaming itself after corporate sponsors. It's marketing pure and simple but with a big difference. It's participatory marketing. Contract weblogs, done right, will allow marketers to get closer to consumers by allowing for the natural conversation that is the backbone of many well run weblogs.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-04   Click to Comment   

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