NBC Tarnishes New York's Anthora Cup

To promote its coverage of the Olympics in Athens, NBC has plastered its logo and Olympic rings on 24 million "Anthora" cups, a New York fixture for over 40 years.

"Leave the cup alone," said Ruth's Chris Steakhose employee Nicole Sambazis. "It's the traditional cup, so don't mess with it."

Defending the move with the usual marketing-speak is NBC Olympics EVP Gary Zenkel who said, "We are always searching for off-channel initiatives to connect the Olympics to the viewers. This ubiquitous Greek-American icon seemed like a natural for the Athens Games." Yes, it seemed natural to deface a cultural icon.

The cups will be emblazoned with the network's Olympic log an the copy, "24 hours a day, Aug. 13-29 on the networks of NBC." The We Are Happy To Serve You" tag is staying put. Thanks to Adrants reader Brigita for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04    

That's Not Your Penis Talking, It's An Ad

The next time a guy stands in front of a urinal and hears what he thinks is his penis demanding to have a conversation, he can rest assured his little head has not developed a mind of its own. Yes, most other times the little head does rule the big head but not this time. In this case it's just a WIZMARK Interactive Urinal Communicator doing the talking.

Adding to the growing types of bathroom advertising is this device, from Healthquest Technologies Inc., which will, upon sensing one's proximity, deliver various audible and visual advertising messages. Placed squarely where the action is happening in the bottom of the urinal, the device will command attention if not completely freak out men looking for a few seconds of peace from their screaming wife/girlfriend/kids/boss/prostitute/etc. Potential advertisers: please don't show imagery we men might find "uplifting." That's counter to what we are trying to accomplish at the urinal. Any other time, though, is perfectly fine.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04    

Cigarette Marketers Increase Double Talk

Faced with vastly declining smoking levels around the world, cancer-causing cigarette companies are increasing the level of double talk, admitting smoking is bad and at the same time continuing to promote their cancer-causing business model.

Camel as launched a summer tour reminiscent of the roaring 20's called "Roaring 2000's" which provides "speakeasy events" where, apparently, smoking will be welcome and promoted. In another campaign, Advance is acknowledging the killing qualities of toxins with the headline "Great Taste, less toxins" as if less toxins are a good thing.

WPP has created a test campaign for Advance's less toxic cigarettes to run in Phoenix which includes the copy, "Everyone knows quitting is the best thing. But for those who continue to smoke, now there's Advance." That's like saying you're a loser for not being able to quit so we're going to help you die slower.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04    
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MediaPost Forecast 2005 to Cover Consumers, Tech and Changing Ad Models

MediaPost will hold its Forecast 2005 event in the middle of
the ad industry's mutual back slap fest, Advertising Week and will steer the event towards areas undergoing change - the consumer, media technologies and advertising business models. The event will try to cut through the growing confusion and difficulty in reaching the fast moving and difficult to capture consumer.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04    

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'Cargo' Magazine Dropping Employees Like Flies

Gawker reports a possible exodus of employees over the men's shopping magazine Cargo. Yesterday, three staffers quit and it's unclear as to the cause or whether more people will leave/get fired. Stay tuned.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04    

Budweiser Supports Anti-Drug Efforts

Likely to have been one of the options floating around the agency conference room during late night concepting sessions is this Dribbleglass billboard spoof for Budweiser. Afterall, alcohol is so much better for you than drugs.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 8-04