Swiss Chocolate Maker to Bathe Mountain With Corporate Colors

Call it lightvertising or mountainvertising, Kraft-owned Swiss chocolate manufacturer Milka's intends to shine it's purple corporate colors on Germany's highest mountain. Predictably, environmentalists hate it but Milka's is moving ahead with plans to illuminate the 9,600 Zugspitze peak with 140 purple lights for 40 minutes on July 3rd. Apparently the brands colors are so recognizable, Milka's actually expects to see some return in this stunt. Thanks to Adrants reader Steve Portigal for pointing this out.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-04    

Jared Fogle Returns to Subway in $60 Million Campaign

Long time Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, who famously lost 250 pounds while eating only Subway sandwiches, is returning in a new $60 million ad campaign which will focus on childhood obesity. The ads, funded by the Subway Franchisee Adverting Fund Trust and created by Fallon Worldwide before it was fired by Subway, will air on national and local television.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-04    

Porta-Potty Advertising to Make Debut

Mike Mason thinks walking into an oversized beer can to relieve oneself might be more fun than entering a standard, portable toilet. He's taken that thought and turned it into a business, called MediaCan, which intends to sell advertising on panels that wrap around portable toilets. Mason hopes to attract the attention of major "can companies" such as Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, Coke and perhaps pharmaceutical companies marketing pills in a bottle.

Mason thinks the approach will be welcome as well as humorous. Unfortunately, those in the industry are not quite sure they agree. Word from Anheuser-Busch said MediaCan "is not an idea that fits with the image of our brands." Boston-based alternative ad agency President and CEO Adam Salcuse said, "Marketing now is all about being relevant and creating a positive experience. I'm going to go relieve myself in a Budweiser can? That could be a problem."

While no one enjoys the proliferation of advertising, covering those blue/green/brown plastic excuses for a bathroom could be a good thing - except for that damn smell. Not good for brand association.

by Steve Hall    Jul-15-04    

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