For The Love of Adrants Advertisers

Adrants is all about advertising thus it's natural Adrants carries advertising. Here's a brief rundown on this cute/hot/yummy/weird/Hollywood pictures you see to the right of the page. It was exciting to welcome to Adrants Paramount Pictures who is promoting their new Denzel Washing movie, "The Manchurian Candidate." And who can pass up over a click on that arm-covered, bulging breast image used to urge readers to check out the testosterone-filled Hot Sauce weblog? Then there's MailSteward which offers Mac users the ability to better archive their email. Music 123 is promoting its online superstore where you can find all forms of instruments you might need to rock your world. Andreas Duss has placed an ad on Adrants to promote himself. He's a London-based Art and Creative Director who's moving to Toronto and looking for work. Rhodia wants creative types to check out their writing and drawing pads that give you a place to let your ideas flow. The Spaghetti Ice Cream Company, who makes a really interesting looking bowl of ice cream is tapping Adrants readers for strategic partnerships. And finally, Talent Zoo has everything you could possibly want to better your advertising career from job listings to career advice to salary data. They all have something wonderful to offer. Take a minute and check them out.

by Steve Hall    Jul-21-04    

Making Kash From MP3 Sales

Kashpoint, London's most creative club has engaged the ASABAILEY viral advertising agency to promote its club nights and artist roster online. With the aim of driving up record sales, the club promoters and record label Kashpoint have tasked ASABAILEY to develop a number of tactics to push direct MP3 sales through online stores such as iTunes and Napster.

"The club nights attract some very interesting characters and celebrity scandal is always on hand at a Kashpoint night" comments Asa Bailey, founder of the ASABAILEY agency. "We plan to capture and circulate magazine style hot content from the nights and push the artists through a number of viral campaigns that are to include a number of what we can only call banned music videos." Stay tuned. You'll see those campaigns here on Adrants.

by Steve Hall    Jul-21-04    

Online and Offline Data Give Clearer Target Audience Picture

Writing in iMediaConnection, Interep Interactive's Adam Guild urges media buyers to look at both offline (MRI, Scarborough) and online (Tacoda) research to paint a better picture of one's target audience. Guild claims offline data helps with determining markets that index high for a given target audience and online helps steer the ad message to the most effective area within a given medium.

by Steve Hall    Jul-21-04    

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