A Month of Email Marketing Analyzed

Bill McCloskey, whose company, Emerging Interest, puts out a product called Comprehensive Email Tracking System which is made up of a vast database of monitored email addresses, has released month's worth of email tracking data to draw a picture detailing who is using email to sell product. The top market sectors using email marketing are coupons and promotion, home-based businesses, credit card companies, business services, home study, online universities and computer products. The coupons and promotions category is made up of companies who use opt-in email addresses to send third party offers and includes companies such as Remodel 4 Free, owned by 123 Click; SubscriberBase, owned by FreeSlide; Franklin Surveys, owned by SilverCarrot; GroupLotto and Winhundred.com, owned by Traffix; Enjoy Savings, owned by Advertising.com; Quality Health, owned by Marketing Technology Solutions; WinSweepstakes.net and Jackpot.com, owned by The Vendare Group; and It's Your Opinion, owned by Permission Data LLC. The rest of the study details the other categories and reveals most big brands are still not using email in their marketing programs.

by Steve Hall    Jul-22-04   Click to Comment   

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