Attack of the Pre-Movie Ad

If you're sick of ads before movies this Summer, you're out of luck. Caravan to Athens, an NBC Olympics mini-movie starring five likely U.S. Olympians and four Chevrolet vehicles, premieres nationwide in Regal Entertainment Group Theatres on Friday, July 2, 2004. Caravan will run during the month of July on more than 5,000 screens in 415 Regal Cinemas, United Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres encompassing 46 of the top 50 U.S. markets.

Through the use of dramatized stunts, Caravan showcases the athletic prowess of five likely Olympians on their way to Athens for the 2004 Summer Olympics: Swimmer Natalie Coughlin, long-jumper Dwight Phillips, weightlifter Shane Hamman, gymnast Paul Hamm and sprinter Tyree Washington. Their transportation to Athens is provided by four Chevrolets vehicles: Corvette, Malibu, SSR and Silverado. If we have to sit through this, let's at least hope their not produced weepy Olympic vingette style.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 1-04   Click to Comment   

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