College Dorm Uses Allure of Sex to Promote Occupancy

Not The Real Board

A private dormitory near the University of South Florida in Tampa is capitalizing on the high hormone level of college students to increase occupancy rates. Making us wish we were back in college, Fontana dormitory has placed a billboard showing a bare chested man between two hotties in wet nightgowns with the headline, "Shower with friends -- by choice." The dorm has placed another large billboard in front of the building showing a guy pressed against a girl in a nightgown with the headline, "It's better at Fontana."

The campaign is part of a competition to rent rooms to students. Other dorms have gone with the more conservative route of scholarship sweepstakes, membership at fitness centers and free use of computer labs and game rooms. Which dorm do you think is going to get the most applicants? Ed. If anyone has pictures of these boards, send them in.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul-16-04  
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