Consumers Do Not Blame Marketers For Their Fatness

In a pleasing and refreshing blast of common sense, a recent study by Universal McCann InTuition found the majority of Americans, 83 percent, feel it is the individual and not food marketers who should be responsible for making sure they eat right. So all the losers out there suing McDonald's and Burger King for making them fat are simply the sensationalistic minority.

Of course it must be noted the study was conducted by an ad agency - not exactly an impartial player in the game. And then there's the wording of the question. Was it, "Who is responsible for your eating properly, you or marketers?" Or, was it, "Are marketers responsible for the easting habits of loser, fat slob slackers who would sue their mother if the thought they could win - yes or no?" Might make a difference in the response.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul- 7-04  
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