German 'Simple Life' Disliked By Animal Lovers

Here we go again with those damn animal lovers. This time they are complaining about a German reality show, called 'Apline Meadows' that features celebrities, television stars and models who are living on a farm, tramping through cow shit and animal guts. It's watched by 3 million which one would assume is pretty good in Germany but animal rights groups are threatening legal action because a model was shown having salt and syrup licked off her body. Come on you left wing kooks, they were just feeding the poor animal - from a really nice dish too. Oh, they did show a turkey getting slaughtered too. Maybe that's bad - except during Thanksgiving.

Haven't we seen this all before from Paris and Nikki on 'The Simple Life'? Oh yea, Germany's a different country. Why should they be deprived of seeing vapid celebu-wanna-be's belittle themselves for viewer's amusement?

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul-29-04  
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