That's Not Your Penis Talking, It's An Ad

The next time a guy stands in front of a urinal and hears what he thinks is his penis demanding to have a conversation, he can rest assured his little head has not developed a mind of its own. Yes, most other times the little head does rule the big head but not this time. In this case it's just a WIZMARK Interactive Urinal Communicator doing the talking.

Adding to the growing types of bathroom advertising is this device, from Healthquest Technologies Inc., which will, upon sensing one's proximity, deliver various audible and visual advertising messages. Placed squarely where the action is happening in the bottom of the urinal, the device will command attention if not completely freak out men looking for a few seconds of peace from their screaming wife/girlfriend/kids/boss/prostitute/etc. Potential advertisers: please don't show imagery we men might find "uplifting." That's counter to what we are trying to accomplish at the urinal. Any other time, though, is perfectly fine.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Jul- 8-04  
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