Viral Consultantcy ASABAILEY Launches in London

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Asa Bailey, whose Viral Chart and Viral Awards celebrate the growing medium of viral marketing, has launched a viral consultancy called ASABAILEY. The independent consultancy will service clients in the advertising, media, PR, fashion and the music industry.

The consultancy is opening it's doors with 3 yet un-named clients and the independent music label Lo-recordings. Bailey says, "We are in talks with a top London PR agency to discuss viral work across their whole client base that includes one of the UK's leading highstreet fashion brands. And we are starting to work on a buzz marketing strategy for a luxury brand and a tobacco company, all through the above the line agencies. You can expect something sexy and very luxurious. And last but not least we are creating a viral music video to promote online music sales for our first music industry client"

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-04   Click to Comment   

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