Fisting Goes Mainstream in Burger Ad

We know it takes a big mouth to eat a big burger and this marketer demonstrates it convincingly, and fetshistically for that matter, quite well in this Double Burger commercial for Carl's Jr. There's the porn angle to be considered at Fleshbot and consumer reaction to be discussed at tv-bb.

This is clearly another creative brainstorming session we wish we were a part of: "Dude, I got it. We'll get this hot chick to jam her hand in her mouth to get guys all horny for the burger!"

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Blogger Beats Mainstream Media in Outing Congressman

BL Ochman points out another example of a blogger who has scooped mainstream media. This time it's Mike Rogers of BlogActive who outed Virginia Republication Congessman Edward L. Schrock linking to a recording of Schrock calling MegaMates, a males meets male dating service. What's a married, conservative, gay congressman to do these days?

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Online Biz Publishers Adopt TV-Like Ads

In a move that will bring TV commercial-like advertising to the online business publishers, Unicast Tuesday announced deals with four top business news publishers to utilize its so-called Video Commercials as part of their online ad offerings

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Paris Hilton Has Fit At Prospect of Another 'Simple Life'

reality blurred recounts an episode where celebutante and The Simple Life star Paris Hilton threw a fit when producers offered her gifts while begging her to do another year of the show. Apparently Paris threw the gifts back at the producer shouting, "I'll never do another series of that show. I don't need you. I'm a big star and I don't need your crappy gifts." Oh, to have the life of a rich bitch who will never have a real need ever in her life.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

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Unprotected Sex Bigger Threat to Aids Than KKK

Here's a viral spot that, while sure to stir controversy, puts the risk of unprotected sex in perspective, even if that that perspective is questionable.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

UK Land Rover Ad Banned For Glamorizing Guns

A television commercial that shows a woman grabbing a hand gun from a drawer and running out of the house after her husband brandishing it while he climbs into his Freelander Sport has caused 348 complaints to ad regulator Ofcom making it one of the top ten "most complained about" ads. As it turns out, the woman wasn't running after her husband to shoot him but rather to shoot the gun vertically into the air as a starter pistol triggering her husband's enjoyment of his vehicle as if her were in a race.

England is a country where hand guns are illegal and any portrayal of them in an unsafe way would understandably cause a high number of complaints.

"Given regular coverage of high-profile shooting incidents and public concern about the wider social impact of the so-called gun culture, the glamorization and normalization of guns, even indirectly, is simply offensive to many people," Ofcom said.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Leaderboard Ad Unit Grows to Number Two Position

Introduced just last year with usage up 384 percent, the 728 X 90 leaderboard ad unit now comprises 7.9 percent of all online ad units giving it the number two slot after the granddaddy of all online ad units, the 468 X 60, which makes up 30 percent of all ads served according to DoubleClick.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Labatt Ad Reminds Us to Look Before Entering Car

While it does look familiar and the truck looks older, we make no claim as to the newness of this spot so all you exacto-noids who love to point these things out can just keep quiet. We like the spot. It's for Labatt. We think it's funny so we offer it here for your enjoyment. Proof, ads can still be engaging and entertaining. Just make sure you look inside your car before you open the door when you leave work tonight.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Mass Panty Flash Planned For RNC

No one said a political convention had to be boring. Axis of Eve will make that a certainly when the women's rights group stages a mass panty flash at the Republican National Convention on September 1 at 6PM at Robert F. Wagner Park. The group will protest the policies of the Bush administration with panty quips such as, "read my lips.," "give Bush the finger," "cream Bush," "drill Bush, not oil," "Ballot Box" and "My Cherry For Kerry." This sex-laden, girlish stunt aims to demand accountability from the government, support for abortion rights and fighting sexism. While we all love to see a bit of booty from time to time, doesn't this stunt just reinforce the very thing this group is so against? Woman as sex object? Via

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

Agency Calls For Better Use of Outdoor Ad Space

Formed by the San Francisco Print Collective, the Anti-Advertising Agency is a new, artist run organization creating collaborative works which critically examine outdoor advertising and the use of public space.

It's launching an outdoor ad campaign to, well, end all outdoor ad campaigns urging alternative uses of outdoor advertising space. Maybe they're nuts but a bit less clutter would certainly be a good thing.

The Anti-Advertising Agency's mission call to attention the proliferation and "normalization" of outdoor advertising that "dulls the public's perception of their surroundings, re-enforcing a general attitude of powerlessness toward creativity and change, thus a cycle develops enabling advertisers to slowly and consistently increase the saturation of advertising with little or no public outcry." The agency's work questions the purpose of public space and advertising's place in that space and intends to "de-normalize" outdoor advertising and enable the public to have a say in how their public space is used.

The agency is currently looking for proposals from artists able to work in the Bay Area toward the agency's cause. There's more info about this on their website.

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04    

AOL Launches Bi-Lingual Hispanic Direct Mail Campaign

Through Hispanic direct marketer Carmen's Cupones y Consejos® program that targets highly acculturated Hispanic females - the decision maker in the 2.5 million Hispanic households in 7 states and in the top 12 US Hispanic markets, AOL has developed a bilingual, tri-fold brochure for the AOL Optimized PC. It's a special low cost offer for Hispanics who may think owning a computer and accessing the Internet is out of their reach. The offer includes the AOL Optimized PC, a printer, a 17-inch monitor, CD-ROM, stereo speakers, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, modem and costs only about $300 with a one-year subscription to AOL's Latino 9.0 Internet Service for $23.90 a month.

Targeting the Hispanic community is a smart move as indicated by research into the group's media and internet usage, According to two surveys by Draft/Simmons and Media Audit, 72% of Hispanics say they always read direct mail, 66% respond to direct mail, and 39% say they want to receive more. The typical Hispanic household receives an average of 50 direct mail pieces per year, compared to 500 or so received by the general US population, so there is no mailbox "clutter" (yet). In addition, Hispanic consumers tend to be price conscious and 46% say they "always" or "sometimes" use coupons, particularly those with high acculturation, 75% of which reported using coupons compared to 56% of overall consumers in the US (NCH Marketing Services' Hispanic Coupon Survey, 2002).

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04