Advertising on Adrants Works

Pardon this selfless plug for business but I thought that since all of you work in advertising and marketing, you and your clients might want to know that advertising on weblogs, including Adrants, works. To date, there have been several advertisers here on Adrants, all of whom have been pleased with their results and a few have renewed. Aside from that, weblogs provide a new and different audience.

There's a good overview of the general weblog audience here. And you'll be delighted to know it's not all highschool girls but professionals just like you and me. So if you have products you need to market to those who work in marketing and advertising and want to explore sites beyond Ad Age, AdWeek and others, check out the advertising section of Adrants or contact me and I'd be happy to talk to you about how Adrants, and weblogs in general, can give your media plan a boost.

by Steve Hall    Aug-10-04   Click to Comment   

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