German Subway Promotion Calls Americans Fat, U.S. Rep Gets Pissed

Capitalizing of the return of Jarod Fogle as spokesman and his appearance in the film, "Supersize Me" which criticizes McDonald's, sandwich chain Subway has run a placemat campaign in its German franchises which shows an image of a fat Statue of Liberty accompanied by the headline, "Why Are Americans So Fat?" Aside from the fact that we are fat because we can't get off our asses long enough to make it even to the mailbox, U.S. House of Representatives Republican Leader Tom Delay said, "I guess for some companies' corporate patriotism is as flexible as Jared's waistline."

Reacting, Subway rolled over the giant American fat roll of overly conservative political correctness and caved in to complaints. "The staff over in Germany has been contacting us daily because they feel bad," said Subway Spokesman Kevin Kane. "They may have said 'OK let's wrap this up." From Adranter Steve Portigal.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Aug- 3-04  
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