Mass Panty Flash Planned For RNC

No one said a political convention had to be boring. Axis of Eve will make that a certainly when the women's rights group stages a mass panty flash at the Republican National Convention on September 1 at 6PM at Robert F. Wagner Park. The group will protest the policies of the Bush administration with panty quips such as, "read my lips.," "give Bush the finger," "cream Bush," "drill Bush, not oil," "Ballot Box" and "My Cherry For Kerry." This sex-laden, girlish stunt aims to demand accountability from the government, support for abortion rights and fighting sexism. While we all love to see a bit of booty from time to time, doesn't this stunt just reinforce the very thing this group is so against? Woman as sex object? Via

by Steve Hall    Aug-31-04   Click to Comment   

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