Texas Man With Cancer Launches Ad Campaign Seeking Liver

Diagnosed with cancer in May and told only a liver transplant could save his live, Houston man Todd Krampitz, 32, has launched an ad campaign, including two billboards, a website and media interviews, hoping to find a liver donor.

Krampitz's web site says, "Unfortunately, tragedies happen every day. If you hear of anyone that is in a situation where they could be a donor, they or their family can request that the liver be designated to Todd Krampitz." The two billboards, both on Route 59, read, "I Need A Liver Please Help Save My Life!" and include the 800 number, 1-888-How-U-Can.

While Krampitz is sensitive to established guidelines regulating the allocation of donated organs, he's doing what humans to when faced with tragedy. He's trying to stay alive.

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-04   Click to Comment   

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