VMA Thoughts

I wanted to hang back and watch a movie tonight but I got sucked in. So here's what going on:

  • Dudes, how hard is it to say "ask"?
  • Ashlee, get a vocal tune up. Or at least get remix going.
  • Check Gap's www.howdoyou.com - nice butt Sarah Jessica!
  • Beyonce, the hair!
  • John: Chapelle's little john?
  • How old is Kurt Loder? Has he forgotten how to talk? And why is that Asian chick alwats cutting him off?
  • Adver-wear t-shirts make an appearance.
  • Will Smith does his "I am the bomb" thing ...and brings on the Shaq.
  • So when it Britney getting married?
  • Mathew Lillard (my fave) get a mosh pit boat ride to the stage to co-present with Hilary Duff.
  • Interesting how MTV's swipes look so much like the current HP campaigns. Hmm...
  • Shakira's cute.
  • Verizon's Virgin Mobile's singing commercials rock.
  • Saturn does a new version of its kitchen sink commercial.
  • Singing the nominees songs. Nice touch.
  • OK, I'm tuning out until Britney gets married.
  • The Kerry/Bush sisters do a weird plea for youth voting.
  • Cell phones are the new rock concert lighter.
  • Are there any more white musical artists?
  • Britney isn't married yet.
  • Little local (to me) girl Jojo shows up along with the American Olympic hotties.
  • Oh well. It's over and no wedding. Like we really thought that was gonna happen.
All in all, a much better worse show than in years past.

by Steve Hall    Aug-29-04   Click to Comment   

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