Adrants Billboards: Coke Looks For Help On Coke Classic

  • Perhaps still reeling from the biggest brand disaster of all time (New Coke), Coke is looking at three agencies to help better leverage its Coke Classic brand.
  • More trouble with Coke: Coke's new Chairman CEO Neville Isdell has coke marketers quaking in there shoes after Neville trashed the company's recent marketing efforts.
  • The Wall Street Journal is resurrecting is Saturday edition, not published since 1953 and will hire an additional 150 staffers.
  • FOX and the NFL kicked off a combined 13.4 rating and 28 share for last Sunday's opening day.
  • MediaLife thinks ABC's Lost could be a ratings winner.
  • The popular Abercrombie & Fitch model Albert Reed was discovered by accident.
  • The WB's Jack & Bobby was downloaded from AOL 700,000 times over an eight day period besting the last AOL promotion for the WB's Everwwood hit 150,000 downloads.
by Steve Hall    Sep-16-04   Click to Comment   

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