Commercial Musician Predicts Future of Advertising

From barcodes embedded in songs to product links in DVD's to holographic commercial projections, G-Man Music & Radical Radio President Scott G tells artists who try to fend off advertising encroaching upon their creations to stop complaining. Everything is about promotion. The hit songs on the radio are just promotions (paid in many cases) for album sale as are the lyrics within the songs themselves promotion for other products.

It's all heading toward what we'll call blended advertising.

Advertising that will no longer stand alone but become an integrated portion of content itself. In many cases, we already have that with product integration and adver-movies to name just two, but the ad and the content are, for the most part, still separate entities. We are moving towards a possible future where advertising is no longer a stand-alone effort but a seamlessly integrated component of content. In essence, there will be no more ad agencies but rather, content agencies.

UPDATE: And here's a New York Times piece confirming this notion of "brand wrangler."

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep- 7-04  
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