'Tango' Won't Tell Women How to Please Their Man

To the dismay of men around the world, a new magazine is launching that promises not to treat women as pleasure producing objects for their men. Launching in February 2005 as a quarterly with a rate base of 100,000 and a cover price of $4.99, Tango will be written for an audience that does not depend on men to make them whole. No, it's not a magazine for lesbians you horndogs. It's a magazine designed for women who are marrying later, focusing more on their career than the length of their skirt and who realize relationships between men and women are very different today than they were in the golden years of...uh...the depressingly bleak years of male dominated society. Oddly, the website gives a completely different vibe.

Running the book will be former Vanity Fair Editor Elise O'Shaughnessy as editor in chief and former Seventeen and Teen Publisher Ellen Abramowitz as publisher.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep-27-04  
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