The Fortunes And Diverging Celebu-Paths of Julie Louis-Dreyfus and Paris Hilton

I'm Richer Than You Bitch

Who knew that former Seinfeld star Julie Louis-Dreyfus is heiress to a $2.9 billion dynasty? Compare that to our favorite celebutante of the minute, Paris Hilton, who is heiress to a "paltry" $550 Million dynasty. That's right, Louis-Dreyfus is the daughter of Gerard Louis-Dreyfus who runs Louis-Dreyfus Group, a mega-corp in shipping, energy, real estate, manufacturing and communications.

Noting Louis-Dreyfus actually works and makes money on her own as compared to Hilton's "famous for nothing" lifestyle, Gorillamask's Ryan Perry has examined the two women and published a comparison of their childhoods, lifestyles, work ethics, accomplishments, television careers and achievements. Perry finishes the comparison with a summary of the two.

For Louis-Dreyfus, it's "Responsible, tireless actress who worked her way to the top of the entertainment industry, independently earning a lifetime of financial freedom for her and her family.

For Hilton, it's "Dipshit socialite who wrecklessly rode her family's wealth and ex-boyfriend's dick to the top of the American disgrace that is the reality television food chain." Draw your own conclusions.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Sep- 7-04  
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