While You Drain, Ads Make Their Claim

Urinal advertising is one of the latest advertising assault on the senses and there's a unique use of the medium going on in new Zealand pubs. Heat activated ads have been placed in urinals which will speak when...well...warmed. These ads, which catch you during the frequent activity resulting from the consumption of many beers, say, "If you drink then don't drive you're a bloody legend" (with a picture of a taxi) or: "If you drink then drive you're a bloody idiot" (with a picture of a wrecked car).

With the usual British wit, the ads sign off with the tagline, "Which car will you piss off in tonight?" The ads aim to catch men during that 60 seconds of mindless pondering that goes on during the main drain.

Thanks to Adrants reader Charley Brough for the tip.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-04   Click to Comment   

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