Bill Gates Says Television Is Dead

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Gates said what many have said for some time now - the current broadcast television model is dead. Acknowledging the changes brought on by Tivo, On Demand and Microsoft's own Media Center, Gates says content delivery will change dramatically. "The ideal for many content people would be that they just put their content on the Internet and then they have a direct relationship with the viewer," Gates said.

"That model for low-volume content is the future."

by Steve Hall    Oct-14-04   Click to Comment   

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Bill Gates is dead right.Local television programming has degraded to such a bad state that A.M. radio, the newspaper, even blogging has now become a more entertaining and informative media.

As television viewers we are now subjected to commercials and hyper-advertisements blaring thru the airwaves almost every five minutes. One hour programs are now actually 30-45 minutes, with half hour programs having less than 15 minutes of actual content. Have you noticed how many programs now recycle parts of the first half of the show to fill air time. Do they assume that the majority of folks are so brain dead and attention deficit now that they are unable to recall what was viewed ten minutes ago? With all this income from commercial advertisers, where’s the beef? We’re still watching cheesey sitcoms and trailer trash talk shows recycled thrice per diem. And if that’s not bad enough, not a single TV station can stand on its own programming merit. They are now synchronizing commercials and programs with brother-in-law stations to impede speed clickers from channel surfing. Is this what they mean when they say stay tuned? Try recording a movie with TiVo or your any recorder while your on vacation. The broadcasters now intentionally stagger program times in order to shove their loud blaring advertisements down your throat. TV guide is now a worthless rag.
Is this an organized plot by broadcast TV owners to force the public to cable or satellite television? I understand that pay TV is now saturating their viewers with commercial advertising. Has anyone invented a spam blocker for Television?

Posted by: Big Marty on July 31, 2005 9:37 PM