Copywriter Wins Dead Radio Award For Miller Brewing

Young & Rubicam' Greg Christiansens's client-rejected radio script "Testing" was chosen from 1,000 entries and has been awarded a Gold by Oink Ink Radio Inc.'s "Dead Radio Contest." The spot was to introduce the new Miller Fridge Pack. As a winner, Christiansen get his spot produced by Oink Ink Radio Oink Ink Radio Inc. (, a national radio-advertising agency with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, is pleased to announce Greg Christiansen’s “Testing” for Miller Brewing Company is the Gold Award winner of its seventh annual “Dead Radio Contest.” Hailing from Young & Rubicam’s Chicago, IL office, Christiansen’s script was selected from more than 1,000 entries nationwide. “Testing,” which was rejected by the client, is a :60 spot introducing the convenience of the Miller Fridge Pack.

Oink Ink Radio’s annual “Dead Radio Contest” invites advertising agency copywriters across America to submit their best radio scripts that suffered heart-wrenching deaths on clients’ conference room tables.

"When I first got the call from Oink telling me that I won, I was really surprised and very excited," said Christiansen. "I immediately told my creative director, who high-five’d me, my partner, and a few others in the office. It’s really great to be recognized for good work, even if the client doesn’t use it."

We can see why the spot might not have been client-friendly. It centers around various types of people such as a cement-footed mafia informant overcoming odds to reach the Miller Fridge Pack. We can just hear the client getting all PC, "But we can't actually make it seem like people would go that far out of their way to get a beer. That would them sound like alcoholics and us sound like drug pushers." Exactly.

by Steve Hall    Oct-18-04   Click to Comment   

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