UK Noodle Brand Capitalizes on 'Dogging' Trend

Don't be ashamed if you aren't hip enough to know what dogging is - we weren't and had to ask. It's the practice of having exhibitionist sex in semi-secluded spaces which are publicized for participation or for voyeuristic pleasure. Now that we've admitted to our un-hip lifestyle, we can get on with the story. Pot Noodles, a UK noodle maker is capitalizing on the dogging trend with a "meet-up" site of its own, called Natural Noodling, including tips on how to dog - or as they call it - noodling, maps, pictures and a guide to get started with noodling. We'll admit it's an effective strategy. Sex does make you hungry afterall.

Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct-13-04  
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