Bag Maker Creates Truly Unique Brand

EverQuest Design has taken a better path towards developing a unique brand for itself.

Fighting the sea of sameness, EverQuest creates briefcase bags made from original material used in the parachutes of Russian Soyez decent modules and materials used for the sails in the America's Cup Courageous. Adhering to Seth Godin's theory of innovation, EverQuest has developed a unique product line where not only is the product line uniquely different from other bag manufacturers, each EverQuest bag is distinct in design as it is crafted from a different piece of fabric.

Rather than attempting to make a standard bag and set it apart from others with a "unique" ad campaign, EverQuest has founded its business on being unique. It's mission statement reads, in part, " search for famous materials and relics and bring a piece of history to our customers in a product they can use everyday. We wanted to create products that were interesting and unique. We wanted to build a concept-product based on the story of an event rather than around the product itself."

Everquest may not be EastPac but it can certainly call its brand unique.

by Steve Hall    Nov-29-04   Click to Comment   

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