Hummer Promotes H3 With Black Eyed Peas Concertisement

Hummer hosted a branded concert with the Black Eyed Peas in Anaheim, CA for 1,500 Hummer owners to promote its new, smaller H3 which sat on the stage as the band performed. The concert was held one day prior to the official unveiling of the vehicle at the California International Auto Show. Following the concert, a three minute video was shown and then placed on Hummer .com.

Over the next four days, the video had 20,000 views, the heaviest traffic the site has ever seen.

If that brand onslaught wasn't enough for concert-goers, XM Satellite Radio was there pimping its relationship with GM along with Cigar Aficionado which held a cigar tasting event. While brands have had a presence at concerts for a long time, full on brand sponsorships are relatively new. Following the traditional model of offering "content" for free, the growth of concertisements will depend heavily of musical artists's comfort with "selling out."

by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-04   Click to Comment   

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