Victoria's Secret Launches Seductive Christmas Ad

Using a catchy Christmas tune and montage style money-shots, Victoria's Secret has launched its 2004 Christmas commercial complete with models undulating in lingerie begging coyly for the big one. After viewing, men may have to excuse themselves from the room for a few minutes. Upon completion, they may wonder if it was a commercial they just saw or a bootleg porn video that slipped its way into their cable feed. Alright, it's not quite that hot but it's probably not something parents would prefer their children see.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

This Just In: Cat Fight At 'Lucky'

Gawker reports there's trouble over at Conde Nast's Lucky Magazine headquaters. A reader reported a staffer ran out of a conference room yelling, "You fuckin selfish bitches!" Hmm. Interesting. We can only assume the Holiday swag was not equitably distributed.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

Agency Creates Rock Star, Mocks Creative Process

Chester, NJ-bad GraficaGoup has created a humorous spoof of the creative development process centered around the creation of a campaign for the fictional Holiday Spirit Improvement Board. Complete with the usual blatherific pontifications full of words we've all heard but mean nothing to the average human, let alone those of us in the industry, GraficaGroup created a birch-log marionette called Log Jam who jams with a band to an original, 80's-style track called "Holiday Tidal Wave." The agency used the creation as a holiday gift to its clients, in-house list and others.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

Surprise! Two Media Are Better Than One

Now come on. If you had the chance to create a TV spot versus a radio spot, which would you choose? We thought so and the Radio Effectiveness Lab knows this too so it's trotted out yet another study claiming, "Hey, wait. Don't forget about radio. Ya know, the frequency medium?" Of course, media buyers have known forever that a mix of media almost always does better than a single medium but, hey, who doesn't love a little fresh research space-filler to bulk up that media plan? The study, conducted by Peacock Research and called, "The Benefits of Synergy: Moving Money Into Radio," compared the results of two radio exposures against one TV exposure and one radio exposure and, lo, brand recall increased - by 34 percent. That's sure to make radio reps happy. But it will make newspaper reps even happier. The study also found two radio exposure compared with one newspaper exposure and one radio exposure tripled brand recall. Expect a sudden increase in combined radio and newspaper buys in the next few months.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

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Dr. Martens Launches Documentary Series


Martens has launched a six part documentary series, called Veer, Outside the Ordinary, which peeks in on the lives of six individuals such as a motorbike courier, a silversmith and a structural surveyor veiled as long-form commercials. The series was shot in England and will air on Spike TV spring 2005 but are available online now.

Other campaigns in this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column by Amy Corr include another Lemony Snicket's ties in with Papa John's, a Circuit City Pizza Hut in-store/in-home team up, a VH1/Mr.

Youth street campaign to promote its BIG IN '04 Awards, a new Treo campaign, a Duracell campaign that explains why heavy duty batteries aren't so heavy after all and a 46-market campaign for Panasonic's Plasma TVs and DVD recorders.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04    

E! to Debut 'Gastineau Girls' Reality Series

Move over Paris and Nicole, two new hotties are hitting the reality TV scene. The former wife of NFL player Mark Gastineau, Lisa and her daughter, Brittny (oh yes, let's be different and boot the 'e' out of our name) have been signed by True Entertainment to appear in a 10 part reality series set to air on E! February 1. The series will follow the pair as they sachet from their glitzy Manhattan apartment to parties in the Hampton and Aspen. Lisa and Brittny are billed as a sexy and ravishing mother/daughter team by True President Steven Weinstock.

Daughter Brittny has already done the expected Stuff spread. Buyers, call your E! rep today!

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04