Agency Brings Holidayoke Cheer

New York-based Catalano Lellos & Silverstein has served up yet another funky holiday wish with Happy Holidayoke in which members of the agency, or rather, their heads attached to illustrated bodies, cavort in holiday settings while doing their best to sing holiday songs. There's the Sound of Music-esque "A few of My Favorite Things," a fat Elvis-style Santa doing a rooftop jig, Graphic Designer Alice Anda and another staffer doing that hillbilly banjo song while trading barbs about fake boobs and butt size, a Twin Peaks style recitation of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" by agency partner Frank D'Angelo, a country/Mexican style song about some guy's pants catching on fire and another Elvis-themed ditty about a sad little reindeer.

Good viewing.

Be sure to also check out the agency's other holiday offerings from year's past.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-04    

Adrants Named Number One Site to Bookmark

We gleefully report Adrants has been named by Ad Age in its 2004 Book of Tens issue as the number one "Website You Should Bookmark." We topped Gawker, Drudge, even Google News. We couldn't be happier and we give kudos to Ad Age for recognizing the value our unique approach advertising coverage.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-04    

Eatmail Picks Five Best Virals of 2005 2004

Eatmail, collector of all things viral, has queried its members and selected the top five viral clips of 2005. As a positive indication of advertising's success in using the viral medium, three of the top five clips are ads.

The number five spot is Ninja for UFJ Tsubasa Securities. The number three slot goes to Trojan Games for Trojan Condoms. And the number two spot goes to ford for its SportKa. The other two winners were unrelated to advertising. In the number four position was a surfer successfully tackling a gigantic wave for a one of those surfer documentaries. Winning the best viral of 2004 was World of Evil, a clip painting government as evil. See them all here.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-04    

Online Brand Advertising to Increase Significantly in 2005

eMarketer predicts online brand ad spend will increase 22.4 percent in 2005. That's compared to 19.8 percent for direct. Assuming much of brand advertising originates with consumer packaged goods companies, eMarketer believes there will be a lot more proverbial dish washing detergent-related advertising on the web. It is theorized that the recent dramatic increases in brand spend on cable, with its niche audiences, by CPG companies is an indicator the segment is looking for even more finitely targeted media. They will find in on the Internet.

by Steve Hall    Dec-21-04    

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