Axe Feather Distracts, Something About Deodorant

Axe has launched another cheeky viral to promote its, well, we really don't know. After playing tickle for a while, we checked out the axeeffect site and just got lost again. We seem to have heard they make deodorant but we were too distracted to care.

by Steve Hall    Dec-30-04    

Donnie Donny Deutsch Went to The Bathroom

In breaking news today, Donnie Donny Deutsch was spotted walking down the hallway of Deutsch Inc.'s Eighth Avenue offices towards the men's room. According to insiders in attendance at his daily "worship Donny" meeting, he had just finished his latte when the urge hit him, saying to his staff, "I'll be right back." With that, he reportedly grabbed his portable media player, loaded with the latest edition of The Big Idea, and left the office for some ego stroking and biological relief.

by Steve Hall    Dec-30-04    

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