Dr. Martens Launches Documentary Series


Martens has launched a six part documentary series, called Veer, Outside the Ordinary, which peeks in on the lives of six individuals such as a motorbike courier, a silversmith and a structural surveyor veiled as long-form commercials. The series was shot in England and will air on Spike TV spring 2005 but are available online now.

Other campaigns in this week's MediaPost Out to Launch column by Amy Corr include another Lemony Snicket's ties in with Papa John's, a Circuit City Pizza Hut in-store/in-home team up, a VH1/Mr.

Youth street campaign to promote its BIG IN '04 Awards, a new Treo campaign, a Duracell campaign that explains why heavy duty batteries aren't so heavy after all and a 46-market campaign for Panasonic's Plasma TVs and DVD recorders.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-04   Click to Comment   

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